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Chalet Couple 

Who are they?

Ski Famille, not to be confused with Family Ski, are an independent catered chalet provider who, as you may imagine, target families with young children as their customers by offering in-chalet childcare...don't worry, they hire extra help for this and it doesn't form part of the chalet couples role! Although, experience being around young children is probably best otherwise you may be driven to the chalet wine a bit much!

They aim to show that quality catered chalet ski holidays are possible with young children and can be extremely enjoyable too, with the aim that happy children = happy parents!

Where are they?

Ski Famille have thirteen high-quality catered chalets on offer, providing accommodation for between 9-30 guests, meaning you could potentially have up to three families in the same chalet.

The chalets are located within four different villages. Reberty 2000 and Les Bruyeres, both of the Three Valleys, Les gets of Portes du Soleil and Le Plagne of the Paradiski ski area.

Qualifications for the role?

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Chalet Couple Ski Amis

Ski Famille don't specifically require any formal cooking qualifications (although they do state many of their 'cooks' do!), however they do prefer some form of kitchen/catering experience and a passion for food from at least one of the chalet couples applicants


​You probably know whats coming, but Ski Famille offer the following package as part of working for them...there's that word 'competitive' again though...:

  • Competitive pay

  • Season ski pass

  • Ski accident insurance and emergency medical cover

  • Ski equipment for the season

  • Uniform

  • Accommodation

  • One day off per week plus staggered daily duties allowing plenty of skiing time during the day

  • Transport to and from the UK at the beginning and end of the season

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