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5 Things they don't tell you about the job

Tips are your lifeline

They’ll promote their ‘competitive’ salary in the job advert but will never explicitly state what they pay. Why? Because its dog shit. Some are better than others but on the whole, crap (see the pay, here). So, tips are your lifeblood. They keep you going, they earn you that bitter sweet beer on the perfect bluebird day and they can actually really mount up (check out our blog on what we earn't in tips alone here).

So, you can turn up and do a half-arsed job if you want but for those hours where you’re client facing, give them a little extra and you’ll be rewarded well. It’s surprising how chirpy you can be when nursing a stinking hangover if there’s a lucrative reward waiting just at the end of the week for you. That said, some guests are just bastards no matter how nice you are.

Saturdays are awful

I don’t think a lot more needs to be said regarding this but they seem to skip over the fact you’ll work a 15+ hour day, each and every Saturday. On our season we didn’t (or should I say, weren’t allowed!!) to ski on Saturday and if the company you work for allows you to, then you’ll be doing well to find the time to fit it in.

Between getting up at 5 to wave off guests, changing, cleaning and drying all bedding for however many rooms you have, prepping that evenings meal (and as far into the week as you possible can!), cleaning the chalet from top to bottom, clearing snow, maybe transfer driving and welcoming guests in you’ll have little energy left for anything other than slumping in your room and struggling to keep your eyes open on your new Netflix series (other media platforms are available).

Ultimately, they’re shit. You should know that before you start and it’s a travesty it isn’t plastered on job adverts. But hey, a full 7 days before you need to do it again right!?

People lose their shit on holiday

Between the moment that out of office email goes on to arriving at the chalet door, something just fucks right off out of peoples normal dignified attitudes and behaviours. They forget that steaming great feaces belong in the water closet, not in and around it, parading like a prodigal gift from the gods for our discovery during room cleaning.

They forget the Jaccuzzi does lose heat in the snow and therefore feel within their right to kick off when the temperature inevitably drops. They miss the signs telling them staff only in the kitchen and continue to route through the cupboards to eat YOUR fucking marmite or worse, drink your alcohol!

They forget that you painstakingly clean the floor every day and come stampeding through with their muddied shoes on. In fact, I think they believe in some sort of chalet cleaning fairy because I genuinely once had a guest ask how the fire was so clean when it was used the night before…I don’t know Nikki, just how the fuck does that happen!?

Your resort manager is as inexperienced as you

They may have the ‘manager’ title, but they’re winging it just as much as you are. They don’t hold all the answers and they hate the complaining guests just as much. Hey, they probably hate the company as much as you too.

Whilst we think it’s fair to say they have the easiest job in resort (no cooking, no early starts just checking up on you a few times a day and having meals cooked for them..!) and getting paid the most, they’re here just for the season, like you, and want to hit the slopes as early as they possibly can. Therefore, keep them sweet and all will be happy.

But yeah, they haven’t got a fucking clue what they’re doing either so don’t sweat it.

The people and your colleagues make it

The diversity of the people you meet make the season. You’re meeting, interacting and befriending people from all walks of life and some who you would never get the chance to socialise with elsewhere. That makes for the most accepting and tight knit group of people you could ask for. Yeah, it helps that you can all sympathise with the shit parts of the job you’re all putting up with, but then cracking open a ‘no fear beer’ at the top of that gnarly run together is what makes these friendships last. They’re the type of people who you would depends on and give your last slice of cheddar cheese to!

So embrace the weirdo’s, mingle with the loonies and shred with the best (and worst). These people and your friendships will stick for life. Fuck the distance between you when the season ends, make it happen!

Oh, and here's a few pics of your reality. At least the final one makes it all worth it!!

Chalet Couple x

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