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It's what do I do!?

So it’s fast approaching summer time and with a glimpse of sun, swathes of overweight, hairy men emerge from their winter caves, shirtless, revealing their shitty tattoos with little regard for the public decency!

Happily guzzling from their proudly brandished Carling cans (other shit beers are available) in one hand and a conveyor belt of Marlboro fag butts being placed in their yellowed stumpy fingers in the other, these seasonal beasts are in their element.

And its only just fucking May.

But you, the self-proclaimed seasonaire, or would-be seasonaire, aren’t quite as comfortable in these ‘warmer’ temperatures. Well, certainly not comfortable with the bi-polar weather patterns of the UK that is. You yearn for a little more adventure still. You crave the excitement of something not quite the norm. You have a desire for that adrenaline rush, the views, the people. The travel.

So, you’re probably reading this blog at A) the end of an awesome winter season for which this website is all about, or B) Whilst applying or having secured a winter season role already (you proactive bastards you). If you haven’t quite got to ‘B’ yet, check out this post on how to bag your role in the Alps.

Either way, both sets of you are now thinking what the fuck can I do until the next winter when I can get back to my hoodies, beanies and kickers. Well, as luck would have it, we’ve got a suggestion for you:

Find a company which combines winter and summer seasons

Now, this is actually an easier option than you may first think. Firstly, Massive companies like Crystal (as part of the TUI group), Inghams and Neilson obviously operate both a summer and winter season programme. What this means to you is you’ll already have one foot in the door if you get one job or another (summer or winter) and can get the ball rolling to continue employment into the next (companies will rarely advertise for a job for both at the same time). The bad news is that as with most paper pushing HR departments of big companies, you’ll probably have to apply separately for both. Bugger. Pain in the arse but still worth doing and they shoyuld have most of your details!

Bear in mind however, that these opportunities will most likely lay in different countries and involve packing up and moving elsewhere. Great if you’re into that thing and that’s what you’re looking for.

However, on our very own site we have plenty of independent, smaller companies who operate in both seasons (Alpine Elements, Reach 4 the alps, Colletts, VIP SKI etc etc etc…).

Why is this good? If you’re up for it, they’ll probably offer you (almost) all year round employment. You get to stay in the same(ish) location and you still have those beautiful mountains and forests to admire, however this times it’s with a bangin’ off road bike instead of fat skis!

Additionally, you’ll know what to expect from the company from one season to the next (and visa versa!!) within the same or similar chalets which’ll mean you can absolutely smash your daily routine to gain maximum time out of the chalet. Yeah, it’s no beach holiday but that sun is much stronger at altitude and believe us, you’ll still be slapping that sun cream on (unless you’re a hard bastard, of course). And because it’s not a beach holiday, you can get up to a bucket load of awesome activities to sooth your needs for a thrill such as paragliding, mountain biking, white water rafting, ice climbing and maybe even get in some of that elusive summer skiing in certain resorts!

We appreciate that there are other options too whilst you wait for November to arrive. You could find some employment at home until the winter (likely to be retail - yawn). You could go rep in a hot and sunny climate (and if you want to be totally cliché, head for Ibiza too…). You could go travelling around the world (but that kind of takes money and if you had that, you’d probably be looking at being a ski bum on your ‘gap yar’, not a chalet couple!). Or you could just mong it around until Winter (probably sofa surfing or at your parents – not really ideal).

But honestly, why wouldn’t you try and secure both a Winter and Summer employment in the Alps? Seems like a no-brainer?

You can always return to ‘normal’ life after you’ve had a taste of both worlds and both seasons, couldn’t you…

Chalet Couple x

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