Chalet Couple | Who we worked for...

Here’s the grand reveal. The company we worked for. The brand we represented. The company that really inspired us, helped us grow and respected all we did!!

Sense the hint of sarcasm there? Believe it or not, this is the shortened version too...

Shit company, reveal yourself;


Oh. Never heard of them? Well, neither had we until we realised they hire non-experienced couples, offer full training and were the first people to get back to us offering a role…winning eh!?

Well, they’re a small chalet company with chalets in Les menuires, La Tania, La Plagne and Les Arcs. 20 chalets in fact. So, I’d say they’re not that small anymore but I guess some companies never fully grow out of that small company mindset.

If you haven’t guessed already, this won’t be a glowing review. And I know they’ll read this because as they so proudly told us in training (or perhaps that was more bullshit that they fed us) they have software in the HQ that flags up new content with the words ‘ski amis’ in it. Well, flag away my dear friends because you have some home truths coming your way.

I was in two minds over whether to post this or not but, we’ve got our deposit back now so fuck it.

Oh, and for anyone thinking I’m just being bitter, I’m well aware that seasonairres get treated like modern slaves on shitty contracts working untenable hours. However, this company take it to the extreme and the amount of people who have messaged us on here and told us face to face how much of a raw deal we’ve had goes some way in proving my statement. Perhaps the company could do a little focus group research in resort with real seasonaires to gain an understanding. Search for them on Glassdoor if you don’t believe our word alone. We all actually felt shame telling others who we worked for because it would always be followed by wide eyes and a concerned face looking back.

Getting a job was simple. Very easy interview and within a couple hours offered the job. So far so good. Contracts come and signed and deposits paid. Except the deposits are three hundred pounds each (300!)! I wrote that out for full effect you see. Three fucking hundred pounds!! That’s £600 per chalet couple and because you guessed it they ONLY take on people who haven’t done a season before, we’re all naïve as fuck and think it’s normal; it’s not normal. It should have been a bright red fucking flag.

A deposit is normal in most (but not all) companies and should cost around £100 each to secure your flight etc. Not fucking triple that. Each!! I’ve also been reliably informed other companies pay this back even if you leave early – not in the case of Ski Amis of course. To them, it’s a fucking cash cow and they don’t pay it back until the June after you leave. And that’s minus all the deductions of course for things which employees should not be paying for…but more of that later. Anyway, it should have been a red flag yet we a