Chalet Couple | What you need on a ski season

Okay, so we’ve been receiving a lot of emails asking this question and it would seem people aren’t happy with what’s already out there so here's our take on things.

But, this isn’t an exhaustive list and we’re not going to break down every bit of clothing you need; there’s actually plenty of shit blogs online which list all that…


Whatever you think you need, half it, re-evaluate it and then half it again. You really don’t need all them clothes. It’s something that we learnt the hard way. We took TWO 20kg bags plus 10kg hand luggage plus 20kg ski boot bag…EACH!! And it was insane. That’s 8 bags between two people and we had to get a £100 taxi to the airport because we couldn’t fit it in our parents car. I had clothes I didn’t wear and shoes I wouldn’t dare touch in the snow. Learn from our mistake!

Besides, what you think will look cool out there won’t be cool when you get there. The seasonaire ‘fashion’ is a strange one. The messier you look, usually the cooler you look too. And it’s pretty hot as well. That air of ‘Oh, these old clothes? I just threw them on before coming out’ really has an attractive vibe about it (within reason) as long as you match it up with a bad ass beanie and snow boots.

Think oversized jumpers, oversized (and under ironed!) shirts, jeans and leggings, beanies, hats and snow boots.

Plus, you’re going to be tempted to buy a new wardrobe of clothes out there anyway when you hit the stores so save you’re money whilst you’re in the UK!

Do not take heels or wedges. Do not take pretty dresses. Do not take expensive jewellery. Don’t take anything that you’d be pissed about getting ruined.

Inevitably too, you’ll lose (or more likely, have stolen!) your coat so take a couple. At least one you like, but don’t blow the budget.

More often than not, you’ll be in uniform anyway so it’s only the evening soiree gear you need but remember you can mix and match the shit out of your stuff so heed my advice, don’t go overboard.

That said. Socks. Lots of socks.

Oh, and if you’re looking for advice on what skiing gear to take then you may need to re-think doing a season. That shit should already be nailed.


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