Chalet Couple | Tips

Here’s our honest insight into tipping. It’s gunna be a mixture between explaining our situation and what you can expect in the job, as well as a guide to any chalet customers on tipping your hosts, so listen up!

Tips. It’s a dirty word that you don’t really want to talk about. Is there a certain etiquette surrounding it that people aren’t quite sure about?

Do you go with the age old handshake, wink wink nudge nudge, leave it on your pillow, leave a note, give it after your final meal or do a big fucking ceremony with all 16 guests to give you your grand sum of a tenner?

Well, there is no right or wrong way you’ll be pleased to hear BUT…you better fucking leave something. I guarantee your guests will tip their waiter/waitress on your day off for serving (NOT cooking, mind) a one course meal and some wine. Meanwhile, you’ve slaved your arse off for 6 days of the week serving a full English breakfast every day, afternoon tea and a three course evening meal with wine and they leave bugger all because, hey, you’re not here working for free are you!?

Seriously, I genuinely had this conversation on a bubble lift with some old bastard and he didn’t seem to understand that whilst yes, technically we are paid, it equates to a beer on the mountain each per day, woooohooooo! So c’mon mate, be a legend and leave me something to buy my toothpaste with.

And that’s what some people also don’t seem to understand either. A half bottle of Smirnoff vodka or Glenfiddich really will not pay for your shower gel or your day off food. We need legal tender for that folks!! Admittedly, it’ll go down well when the inevitable hot tub party comes around but I could also easily source that booze elsewhere!

So, what’s a good tip? What can you expect in a season?

Well, that really depends on your guests and your chalet size. Fortunately (or not, considering the work load!) we had a big chalet between us with a lot guests. Lots of guests should equate to more money. There may also be a slight difference between premium and non-premium guests (see blog here) but we haven’t quite figured out if it’s an advantage or disadvantage to have those guests still. They may be richer, but they also expect more…

Additionally, we also seemed to attract a hell of a lot of children, and guests, listen up; pay your share and also pay your kids share! It really fucked us off when we’d get a tip from the parents (fair enough, mustn’t complain but…) they’d forget all the extras and biting of the tongue we did when 5 of their sprogs were fucking shit up in the chalet. Not to mention when they’d leave them alone in the chalet with us. Oh how fun it is being a free babysitter!! (see blog on half term week(s) here!)

Right, so, for us (and this may differ in others point of view) a 10 euro tip per person should be a minimum. It’s only right for all the hard work we put in. 20 euro per person can be considered a good tip and any higher a bloody great tip! I also understand this depends on peoples circumstances so give what you can but for me, those were the general guidelines.

Let’s be honest, usually folks have a ton of cash left over at the end of the holiday and it’s only going to sit in their top drawer next to their smelly pants at home so why not spare a few notes, eh?

And again, don’t forget the children! Okay, per child if you