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Chalet Couple | I Got a Sabbatical...

I ratted out.

I gave in. I didn’t stick it to the man. I can’t walk out on my last day giving it the big’un, 2 fingers up in each hand hopping over the security gate and releasing all their internal secrets to local rivals. No. Not this time anyway…

I know I’ve been a long advocate of jacking it all in to ‘follow your dreams’ (that saying literally makes me want to puke) and just going with it. I’ve previously said that there’s more to life than just working for another person making them money, or sitting on your arse all day to go home and sit on your arse all night too.

And there is. There really is and I do stand by those statements. However, there is also something comforting about stability and security. Knowing that I can go straight back into my old job when I return means I don’t have to worry about all those interviews and explaining why a late 20-something year old jacked in his job to do what would seem most 18 years olds are suited and qualified for. It means I can go as wild as I like during the winter. A full blown, quarter life crisis if I wish. Because, I can go back into that safe job I had and actually begin to build my life up again. In fact, 5/6 months isn’t even that long a time so it’ll probably feel like I never left!

But there is the downfall. What if the season opens my eyes to brighter and more wonderful things. God forbid, what if I get wanderlust. Fuck me I don’t think my boss would be too happy if I wanted to extend the sabbatical to a year, or worse let them down and throw in the working towel when I was due to return (definitely wouldn’t get a good reference there, eh!?). That said, I’d hope I am mature enough to deal with it at the time if I felt the creeping lustfulness rising, I hope.

Wouldn’t it be bloomin’ marvellous just to be one of these people (there’s seems to be thousands of them now) who seem to just pose on Instagram with a laptop, a coffee in hand and some out of this world view from a balcony just getting paid to write shit blogs (much like this actually!) and talk absolute bollocks about their travels and placing product adverts throughout their websites whilst getting serious dollar for it!? Here’s where I could just add in a hyperlink to one of these sites and be like hey, you could do it too and pick some cash up for it but, well, I ain’t a sell-out! And not just everyone can do it. Building a follower base is fucking hard (as we’ve found the hard way) and I think that boat may have set sail for the majority of people now.

Anyway, back to the sabbatical. I think it’s fucking brilliant if I’m honest. Yeah it’s unpaid but I’m treating it like a 6 month holiday. Even better, I return in April when the new years holiday entitlement starts so I don’t even miss out on that! Result!

The next blog will discuss how I actually went about getting it approved; there are right and wrong ways to ask, believe me. But for the time being, just have a little think about it. Are you desperate to leave your job or could you do with returning straight back to it?

If it’s the latter, I was originally a sceptic too but, if you don’t ask, you won’t ever get!

Chalet Couple x

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