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Chalet Couple | During Covid-19?

You might be thinking to yourself; 'Is it worth being a Chalet Couple this year?'

And before I go any further...


Now that’s out the way, I must apologise as I cannot blame Covid-19 on my lack of updates, Instagram posts or blogs. Life is the reason for that, plus the unforgiving corporate world plus Mrs Chalet Couple has only gone and got a bun in the oven!

True to our winter roots, she’s also due on Christmas day and is the sole reason we shall not be gracing the snowy peaks this year, unfortunately.

But, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t and certainly if you’ve bagged a job as a Chalet Couple/Chalet Host/Chalet Chef/Chalet Maid/Chalet Troll, whatever it may be, you must, must, must still go! Sure, there’s going to be some major changes this year and it will affect trade. But, there’s still going to be that trickle of hardy punters arriving at the doors of chalets up and down (mostly up) the Alps screaming to be fed and watered in order to get their fix. We all know it’s an addiction that no virus will stop. That powdery, glistening mountain view. The sweet, crisp breath-taking air and the adrenaline fuelled rush down the slopes (which may also be aided by the no fear beer(s) consumed at the top!). Hook me up and feed it into my veins!

Rest assured, this winter is still coming and it is still going to happen. Maybe bagging a job this year will turn out to be the biggest slice of luck you could have asked for. Considering some companies are folding or just reducing their operations, the fact you got the job at all is even more impressive.

For those of you still searching, don’t give up hope. With the current situation I can only imagine applicants too have been weary of applying. There’s still an array of jobs available by a quick google search so if you’re sat wondering what to do, have a winter free and want to add some excitement to your life, get applying!!

The less customers willing to travel should mean that your job is actually made a little bit easier. Sure you’ll have to sanitise and scrub and wipe and document and checklists and track and trace and sanitise and wear a mask and socially distance and sanitise and keep the windows open and follow one way systems and sanitise and stay behind Perspex screens and wear gloves and wash all touch points and eventually you’ll have cracked, bleeding hands…


You are there. In the mountains, living your best life, skiing/boarding every damn day of your life and getting paid for it! You’ve forgotten your worries in whatever country you have left behind, you’ve met new friends, you’re happy.

You’re where thousands of others would kill to be right now.

The après scene may be a little different but it just means you and your (extended?) ’bubble’ will have your very own table to stomp on. They’ll also close earlier too but you’re resourceful right? Find a spot, get a fire going and call your mates.

The bubbles and chairlifts may have a longer wait but hey, you’re there all season what’s the rush? You’ll be skiing everyday on weeks that potentially no one else wants to/can do. You’ll have the whole domain to yourself! Yes peak times and school holidays will be a pain in the ass but also remember, not everyone will be travelling this year so it may even out anyway!

Either way, do not cancel your plans if you were already set on it. If you have cancelled your plans, get on that phone and beg for your job back. If you never even made plans, make them!

This virus is making pretty much everything else in life rightly miserable. Don’t let your ski season be another victim.

Chalet Couple x

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