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They strike again!

It’s time to talk about the joke that is Ski Amis again. I’m not slating their product because as a customer what they offer seems great and at a reasonable cost. But the main cost is paid by the staff behind the scenes.

Being a seasonaire is hard work but this company take the piss in making it as hard as physically possible. See our previous blog here on a full review of the company from behind the lines and make up your mind for yourself.

However, I’m here to look out for all you Chalet Couples and potential Chalet Couples.


There are too many other companies out there to be stuck with this shit.

So what have they done now you may be asking? am I just being bitter?

Well, remember that £300 deposit I told you about in the previous blog. The big red flag that should mean stay as far away as possible? The £300 they promise to give back if you finish the whole season, don’t leave and aren’t sacked?

Yeah, well this year they have spunked all that money up the wall and since this year’s couples have returned to the UK, they’ve been told that there is no deposit money to give back! Bare in mind that this money was NEVER Ski Amis' to spend anyway.

The money isn’t held in a separate or secured or insured bank account. It’s just held in their normal accounts and got spent before the owner went bust and handed over the company to the management. The same management that are completely inept, as detailed in the previous blog (Please, if you haven’t yet, you have to read it to realise what a fuck up they are).

A recent statement by the company read that the owner (who only took over the company in around December) had a ‘difficult’ season in the industry and gave the company up. So, reading between the lines, they ran out of money. So now it’s run by the original crazy dutch owners daughter, a previous office apprentice and an operations manager who couldn’t operate a kettle. So very little scope or hope for change in the future, change of procedures or better working conditions for staff, sorry guys.

They are assuring customers that their ski holidays are safe and it will be ‘business as usual’ as the company goes under new ownership again, which is all well and good for customers...but what about the many Chalet Couples Ski Amis has fleeced? Why weren't they protected?

All I can do is warn you. The previous blog came too late to warn this seasons cohort but the amount of them that reached out to us to complain only confirmed that things haven’t and won’t be changing anytime soon.

So if you want to have a harder-than-needs-to-be season and be robbed of your £300 deposit by the end of the season, choose Ski Amis.

Chalet Couple x

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