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Chalet Couple | Winter 2018/19

So, we haven’t gone out this winter. And it’s killing us! Each morning we are reminded of our antics last year by our phones or facebook ‘memories’. What a way to start your dreary eyed Monday trudging back into work.

As explained in this blog, on what we did next, we’re getting married next year which also meant a ski holiday was a no go, let alone another sabbatical! Even a self-catered apartment for a week would rack up an unjustifiable figure with such a big and expensive event coming up.

So that was that. Our dream of at least seeing the white stuff ended there for this year. We couldn’t commit to half a season so no-one would offer employment for only a week at a time, right!?

Heartbroken and distraught, I vowed to find a way and scoured the internet for ideas. I didn’t want a new full-time job so the office based roles were out of the question. Ski instructor roles looked expensive and only a short-term solution leaving you high and dry in the summer and any other role looked like this chalet couple would have to split to fulfil it.

And then I came across an absolute gem. Peak season ski rep.

Hmm, sounded interesting and something we could certainly do. Miss Chalet Couple is a teacher and maybe her half terms would align with the peak seasons these companies spoke of? My curiosity rose and with that, my hopes.

The only catch? Each and every job advert described a rep. a single staff member to represent the company. No matter the company offering the post, they were all the same. No specific advert for a couple.

Now, this may be okay for some of you out there. A week away from your other half may well be a welcome break! But for us, almost 9 years into a relationship and a wedding ring soon being placed on each of our hands, we wanted to do it together. And if it was a no to taking on the both of us, it was a no to either of us going.

So, much like the advice we gave in applying for a chalet couple role, we went direct. Pinged emails to everyone offering this kind of service. Gave an overview of us, our experiences within the industry, brief relationship history and description of ourselves and our passion for the mountains. Off I sent them expecting to get a host of offers come flooding in the following day. Who could resist us, right!?

Oh how I was wrong.

We were knocked back, time and again. They didn’t take couples, why would they if they didn’t need to? We could apply as two singles and hope to be placed in the same resort but there would be no guarantees.

As quickly as that enthusiasm rose previously, it was quickly shot out of the air straight through the heart.

But then, a beautiful person in charge of recruitment for one such company drifted into my inbox with a saving grace. A little piece of happiness stared back through the screen at me with suggestions of times and dates for a Skype interview.

Halleluiah!! The dream was still alive but we had to prove to them that a couple was worth it.

Fortunately, it all went well. We liked them, they liked us and they had some groups where the staff to class ratio dictated a need for two staff members. And with the bond that we have it makes sense to employ us over two strangers right!?

Added to the fact that we can sleep in the same room, thus saving costs on accommodation for the company, they seemed happy with their recruits. The best bit came at the end of the conversation though. Sure we could go out for a week in one country with one group, but could we commit to a second week nearer the end of the season with another group in another country as well!?

Didn’t need to ask us twice! We fucking jumped at the chance!

And this time, we don’t have any alarm bells ringing about the company. They seem professional, friendly and well run. No deposits, no money deductions and we earn half the months take home wage from chalet coupling in a single week…with no bogs to clean, food to cook, snow to clear or shitty guests to deal with.

Win-win all round we think.

So, if you don’t manage to bag a chalet couple role or, like us, life dictates that you can’t, have a look what else there is around and be brave and brash in contacting recruitment teams direct to explain your circumstances. You just might be exactly what they didn’t know they were looking for.

Chalet Couple x

EDIT: Since writing this blog we have been out for a week with one group and about to embark on another group soon. It certainly was all we imagined it would be and we'll be writing more on the job soon as like with the chalet couple role, there really is bugger all online about what the actual job entails. So keep a look out! :)

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