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Chalet Couple | What happened next?

What have we been up to since our season?

It’s been 6 months since we returned from the Alps. 6 long months. And as I write this, on October 1st, I see the first splashings of white around the mountains. Instagram has a great way of reminding you of what you’re missing out on. The only solace I can take though is that the snowfall will not match, or beat, that of last year, our year. Record snowfall and epic times.

I remember turning up to our chalet, throwing our bags over the fence and losing them entirely in the snow and that was the first week of December. I remember wishing for days when I didn’t have to go out early morning and clear the fresh snowfall from the 50 metre drive. I’m glad the snow gods didn’t listen to me until around March time.

We can reminisce all we want but the truth is, it’s over and we’re here now. No more over-priced beer and under-serviced rental boards. So, what have we been up to?

Well, the transition back hit us hard. Miss Chalet Couple began work 3 days after returning and Mr Chalet Couple cancelled the remaining 3 weeks of the sabbatical I was granted and started work a week after returning. I’d be lying if there weren’t times when we were in bed and just looked at each other and asked what the fuck were we doing? Spending those glorious months in the white abyss with no worries except what you were cooking for dinner made the comedown all that more terrible.

The friends that you saw every single day become insignificant in your new day to day lives. Yeah you still text and call but it’s not the same. That bubble you live in with just you, your mates and pair of skis or snowboard well and truly gets burst. The hardest decision you have whilst you’re out there is where to ski today.

So, since being back and starting work again, we lived at a parents house to save some money. Yeah it’s great seeing more than 3 figures going into your bank account again but you don’t get the same excitement as getting a modest figure given to you by a departing guest (See our blogs on tips and tipping, here).

We saved up enough for a deposit on a house and 4 months after returning bought our very own first home together. I must admit that it is/was a pretty special moment and to share it with the one you love is all the better. But every month since, when that figure leaves the bank account to pay the mortgage, you’re reminded about your ties. No upping and leaving now, not without a plan B and some serious decisions. Does that put paid to any more thoughts of chalet coupling?...Who knows, but we’re not doing the season this year unfortunately.

And we’re getting married next year! That’s right, she’ll soon be Mrs Chalet Couple. With that in mind, for the foreseeable future, that money needs to keep coming in. I know we’ve advocated for a while now on just jacking it all in and going for it, but life gives you different perspectives at different points. That said though, everyones timeline is different and you don’t have to do what society tells you at the time it tells you. You do you.

We’ve met back up with friends from the season and went to a festival together. That was pretty amazing and makes you realise that deep lying bonds between friends never tire or break. We picked up exactly where we had left and that probably made the second goodbyes a little harder and we each went our separate ways around the country.

And for the upcoming season? Well, we may not be there for the whole year but we’ve bagged a few weeks in Italy and Austria working as a couple! Will write a blog about what we’re doing at another point but essentially we’re repping together! So no shitty toilets and no burnt breakfasts! And surprisingly, everything is actually included in the contract FOR FREE…that’s right, no deductions! And we get paid a wage which in a week is half of what we got each month with our previous company!

So there. Work, House, Weddings. We sold out. But not completely as were still hitting the slopes without spending our hard earned cash. Yes, life is 100 times more stressful now and yes we see each other a lot less and our friends even more so but, we’re still building our lives and are happy together and that’s the main goal right?

We’d be a damn sight happier with a pair of skis strapped to our feet, earning bugger all, being exhausted and hungover but, life eh?

Chalet Couple x

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