Chalet Couple | What a ski season taught us

Getting all philosophical now, here's what we learnt on our season in the Alps.

6 things a ski season taught us...

1) There is so much time in a day

On the season you get up, you make full-English for 16 people, you clear up the mess and set for afternoon tea, you bake a cake (although, always double the recipe as cakes freeze delightfully!) you clean a 16 bed chalet, you check the hot tub, you get ready, you ski for at least 6 hours solid, stop for a couple drinks/chill with you mates, back for afternoon tea, start prepping for a three course meal, clear up afternoon tea, set up dinner table, socialise with the guests, cook three course meal, serve three course meal, clean kitchen, clear up dinner table, lay breakfast table, get ready to go out and hit up shot night. You then come back, sleep minimal hours and start again.

Yes, you’re absolutely fucking knackered but look at all you’ve done. Its amazing just how many tasks you can fit into those 24 precious hours when you absolutely have to. Taking it back home can be a real eye opener. Just how much of your time is sat at a desk? Or even worse on a sofa, or staring aimlessly at a screen flicking up looking at how much better everybody else’s lives are? Everybody has the same time in the day but not everyone has the same moments! Go run, go read, go bake a bloody cake if you wish but whatever you want to do, there’s plenty of time to fit it in so stop making excuses!

2) You can function on far less sleep than you thought

What with all the running around, cleaning, cooking, Saturday changover and snow clearing, it’s safe to say that a ski season can be very physically demanding. Added to the fact you’re then skiing and/or boarding in your own ‘down time’, the impact on your body is pretty harsh! Alongside that then, you’d expect to have to sleep even more than at home just to function.

Which isn’t true you’ll be surprised to hear.

Yes, some nights you’ll skip the pub to recover, or you’ll just sleep your whole day off (although, we only ‘needed’ to do this once all season…my god what a day that was!) but on the whole, you’re functioning on 6 hours or less sleep a night. Now fuck me, at home I wouldn’t be able to walk to the bathroom in the morning on that little sleep but out in the mountains it just feels…do-able. It’s not the most pleasant feeling early in the morning and prepping the breakfast but it’s certainly manageable.

The worst night’s sleep (but best night out!) we got was a 3 hour sleep after an explosive shot night (you’re seeing a theme here right!?). But did that stop us from pulling off a worldie breakfast service? Or prevent us from hitting the slopes?

Absolutement not!

You just find an inner enthusiasm and motivation that you perhaps don’t get at home. You’re out there doing what you love and you’re excited to get up and do it (despite the bullshit guests coming up complaining of their aching bodies) and so in the motto of Nike, you just do it. And you keep doing it. Again and again, until the seasons over.