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Why Chalet Couple? | Her Story

What am I doing with my life?!?! Her very sensible point of view. As you may have gathered chalet couple exudes a male tone behind its blogs. However, I wanted to share my own perspective and feelings about taking a new, albeit temporary, direction in my life. But why?

Holding up a full-time teaching job, nice flat and all the rest of it to now living between parents out of a suitcase darting to different schools daily as a supply teacher with most days involving a toss up between whether or not the 2O mile drive is worth a paper aeroplane thrown at my head, getting lumbered with that 'super exciting' RE lesson or staying in bed daydreaming about the next best thing. Turns out that 18 months of anticipation about becoming a chalet couple is exhausting. Giving up being comfortable and in control is not easy, especially for the type of person like myself- Miss Perfectionist. In truth, I was fed up of being just another rat in the race, seeking to see other things, experience new feelings, meet new people and develop new skills and I guess that's how most people justify their desire to travel! But why a ski season? Well, two years ago I was whipped up on a ski lift on my own after my ski ejected from my boot near the bottom - that's always a blast. My mate shouted to me, "are you okay?!". My reply was a sarcastic "fucking great," as I envisaged how I was going to pull off the one-legged stunt at the top. Ironically It was after that point, looking into the white wilderness in absolute silence, like time had paused that I realised the mountains were my serenity. A moment when I realised I needed to stop worrying about what may lie ahead and just live for the very moment.

Obviously, any such decision will Involve family members chipping in with the "are you sure this is the right decision?", "who's idea was it?", "I hope it doesn't put a strain on your relationship!" All of these comments only confirmed this IS the right decision. I'm putting the mortgage on hold, saving the wedding fandango for my return and I'm going to tear the shit out of this season! Now it's less than a week to go and the bags are nearly packed, 2 fake family Christmas' and a leaving party down and I can't wait to take that obligatory 'check out my gigantic bag and accompanying game faces' picture at the airport. No seriously, 2 bulging bags, a piece of hand luggage and a ski boot bag (stuffed with additional misc. objects) is going to bring some serious comedy value! Fortunately we have ordered a personal taxi mini bus to get us to the airport due to our ridiculous amount of stuff. Dream catch me when I fall (backwards). For those ladies who may be contemplating 'how the hell am I going to pack 6 months of my life into two bags?' Then stay tuned, I'll be writing a little blog on what I have packed! Miss Chalet Couple

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