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Applying Half Way Through A Season

So, I may be writing this a little late in the year – Mid March to be exact – but I’m amazed with how many chalet couple jobs are still being offered, even today!

The season may be over in 5 weeks (possibly longer for some of the glacier resorts) but there are still plenty of companies out there desperate to fill their gaps with fresh young blood…and it’s actually not such a bad idea as you may have first thought.

You don’t miss Christmas or New Year

This is actually quite a biggy. Most couples find this the hardest time of the year. I mean, you’re without your family and it’s actually up to you to put the all-important Christmas lunch/dinner on the neatly laid table for up to 16 guests without even such a hint of falling into a drunken stupor during the Queens speech…but you can do that later in the night if you wish!. Therefore, not having to miss these big events and yet still getting a few months living among the mountain is a real pull for many people.

Less time away from home

This is an obvious one but, you still get the opportunity to experience life in the mountains, having a ball and making lasting memories but you do not have to commit to the full 5/6 months. Less chance of mid-season blues, less chance of dropping out and less time away from your ‘real’ life or career meaning you can get back to all that normality far sooner…is that a bonus?

Easier to bag a role

Chalet couples leave, get ill, injured and home sick. That leaves companies with a big gap to fill and they still have bookings ready and waiting (and hungry!) to come to their chalets. Resort reps, resort managers and supervisors certainly will not want to get their hands dirty so they will be looking to recruit as quickly and easily as possible. What this means is if you are available at very short notice and can get your arse on a plane ASAP, the job is probably more or less yours! There’s less applicants which means less competition but there’s also less choice so choose your companies wisely. Check out our ski company reviews/overviews here to help you decide.

Use it as a ‘trial’ run

Particularly for really short employment opportunities, you can use the few weeks or months as a trial run to see if the jobs for you. If it is, hurray, apply for next year; by then you’ll already have your foot in the door. If it’s not, put it down to life experience and never talk of this time in your life again. Either way, you get a chance to experience all the benefits without the risk, what’s holding you back!?

Now remember, it’s not all fun and games applying from mid-season though and there are some downfalls.

You are thrown straight in the deep end. With no time for training weeks, these companies need you to hit the ground running, and fast. You’ll be whipped off that plane, into uniform and plugged into a chalet with a forced smile on your face faster than Usain Bolt after his pre run chicken nuggets!

Also, those seasonaire ‘cliques’ that we mentioned in our previous BLOG, they would have already formed and you’re not currently part of it. You’ll have to work hard to form those friendships but hey, you’re fresh faced and not worn out from the previous months partying and haven’t been burning the candle from both ends like everyone else!

You also have less time on the slopes (as you won’t be in a routine quick enough yet), less time to adapt to your surroundings and explore your area and ultimately less time being warped in the perfect world of the mountains.

But despite these drawbacks, if you see those jobs advertised and it sparks something within you, heck, you’re reading this so something has already been triggered in your brain, then we would say absolutely go for it. We’re certain it won’t be the worst decision you’ve ever made in your life.

Chalet Couple x

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