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Chalet Couple | Ski Company Reviews

We are delighted to let you know that the ‘ski company’ reviews sections of our site is now LIVE!

We say review, it’s more like a directory or overview of services BUT hopefully we give you information that others don’t and save you time searching and searching the net for – think of us as your one stop shop for all things chalet couple, including job searching and information with a bit of banter thrown in and ALOT of shanter (that’s shit-banter to those not in the know).

Anyway, it’s taken quite a while for us website novices to get this up and running so we hope you find it useful. We think it’s great as we’ve allowed you to search for relevant companies by name (boring), by location or ski region (getting interesting) and by your set of qualifications (bang on!).

This’ll allow you to narrow your search down to the right company for you and ensures you’re in the best position to land that job! And believe us, if you’ve got the right aptitude for it, we’ve listed your perfect company somewhere!

After you’ve found the one, check out our blog on nailing your application, beasting your interview and all the reasons why you shouldn’t say no to this perfect job opportunity!

Oh and also, we’ll be adding new companies every week so subscribe now to keep updated ( and FYI, we barely know how to send out our own mail so rest assured your details aren't passed onto anybody else!!). We’ll also be banging out our regular normal blogs too and you'll hear about them first via email, happy days!

à bientôt.

Chalet Couple x

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