Chalet Couple | What We Really Earn

I’m here to lift the lid on what we are actually paid, the salary if you will. I see too often blogs and people moaning about it. ‘oh its shit pay’ and ‘the pay isn’t even worth looking at’ and they usually quickly follow it up with ‘you do get a free lift pass and stuff so it’s not too bad’ – NOONE EVER TALKS NUMBERS!

What is it with people…why is everyone so afraid to talk about wages and salaries in society. ESPECIALLY whilst being a chalet couple or host…everyone already knows you are not there for the money! These ski companies have to make as much money as they can in a very short time frame…your lifestyle and well-being means as much to them as their values and traditions do to you and therefore they will pay you the absolute minimum! (it actually works out far far less than that but hey, I’m not a human rights lawyer!).

We are here to change that and break everything down for you. But we’ll let you into a little secret first.

…That season long lift pass is NOT free…you still pay for it!

Yup, that’s right, everyone’s a lying bastard.

Basic pay

Okay so I’m only giving you this from one perspective and one ski company. But we are offered £665 per month as basic pay. Sounds doable right? I mean, if you work back in the UK you have to minus all your bills etc out your pay and I don’t know about you but I live near London and at the end of the month I’ll be lucky to have this number left! But oohhh no. There’s a reason it’s called basic pay. It really is a little basic bitch…


Now we are into the juicy stuff!

I’ll start with the ones people usually forget – tax. Think you stop paying UK tax because you’re living it up in a scene from Frozen? Nah. You’re paid into a UK bank account. And you would have lived there for at least the previous 6 months of the tax year (unless you’re a lucky sod who also did some summer seasonaire work – screw you!). Therefore, you still have pay a lovely 20% on that, plus National Insurance (another way to lump nearly 20% extra tax on your pay).

Now, this is assuming in the last 6 months you’ve had a job that paid up to your personal allowance (currently £110