Chalet Couple | To live in or live out?

Having scoured the web for articles relating to this, I came up with nothing so thought its worth talking about! Whilst you’re opinion on this will probably be given as much importance as a Hillary Clinton voter to the company you are going to work for, it’s certainly worth considering before applying as it usually only takes a few minutes to find out if they offer live in or live out accommodation.

Whilst not strictly limited to the role of the chalet couple I feel its something worth considering and remember, as a bad ass chalet couple you get your own private accommodation, so even if you do live out, It’ll only be the two of you.

But, and this is a big but, do NOT expect any extra perks or benefits in a couples accommodation. Certainly do not expect any greater cleanliness than shared accommodation and it’ll probably still be barely fit for human habitation! (ha, habitation…my French shining through again…If you don’t know why I keep banging on about my French, check out that blog here!)

Anyway, let’s go through the pro’s and con’s and bear with me, because it’s a big blog!

The Commute

Ahh, the extra few minutes you can spend in your bed as your commute consists of rolling off your bed, through your door and into the kitchen can be the difference between being the walking dead or the font of all knowledge. It really can make a difference to live in. You don’t have to battle the cold, you barely have to be presentable and you can crack on with the jobs at hand straight away = more time on the slopes!

Or, you could commute this way;

The bad news? The guests know where you are. At. All. Times. Got kids as guests?…they’ll want their chocolate croissant fix pretty early. Guest’s want THAT mid-night dip in the hot tub (despite the clear rules!) they’ll be knocking on your door for the extra towels. They don’t care that you have a limited amount and that extra towel will cost you extra laundry time.

You become the 24/7 concierge service that they didn’t realise they paid for and they do not give a damb if you’ve clocked off or have plans. This includes your day off…If you are simply in the building and they know that, to them, you are working. Print a sign, a big one and stick it on your door. ITS MY FUCKING ONLY DAY OFF!!!


Living in does have a nutritional perk …full, all day access to the larder. Some companies are stricter than others but screw it, on your contract they stated ‘food allowance’ and they didn’t specify anything. Go on, take it.

Also, I can guarantee you can cook/prepare/create better food for yourself using a chalet kitchen than you could on the two ring microwave-combi electric plug-in oven that you’ll undoubtedly get in the live out accommodation.

And they have unlimited house wine and an honesty bar you say? Hmm…now I understand why chalet couples and hosts are befriended so easily!


This brings me nicely onto facilities. Mostly, all chalets offered by companies are pretty sweet. Most have hot tubs, some have saunas and Jacuzzi's, and others have open fires. Yes, we know these aren’t put there for your benefit but it’s a lot nicer living/working in/experiencing a lovely wooden chalet with all the mod cons in a beautiful setting than it is trying to connect to a crappy WiFi signal connected to a precarious looking electrical socket in a damp and dingy room elsewhere. Believe me when I say they will book the cheapest accommodation for the season for you, that is what you will get. Consider windows and fresh air an absolute luxury.

And remember, sometimes that chalet you are living in ISNT BOOKED OUT. And when no one’s looking you might find us in the hot tub…or the sauna…or the Jacuzzi because well, who’s gunna know!?

And it makes for a hell of a lot better pictures on social media…laud it up! Your friends don’t know you’re actually in the boot room downstairs do they…oh, the indoor cinema? Yeah that just for us babes…


However, there is one thing that the live out option wins hands down and that’s privacy. We touched on it earlier but some guests just do not understand boundaries. If you live in, they’ll wander into your room when drunk, they’ll pester you on your day off and they’ll seek you when they’re bored or lonely…or both!

And they will pick up on when you came in at 4am and left a stench of alcohol through the chalet. Hopefully it’ll be your day off the next day but more often than not it isn’t. They’ll just watch you like a hawk over breakfast and dinner, waiting for you to slip up so they can get a hilarious comment in asking if you had a good night last night. Yeah, would have been fucking unreal if you just checked out earlier!

And the lie in you so desperately need on your day off? Forget it. Guests clambering around the kitchen, kids screaming, the 7 o’clock news on full blast and guess where your room is conveniently located? In the middle of the chalet between the fucking kitchen and living room!!

Despite this, my preference remains to live in. That is unless you can guarantee an actual decent standard of accommodation that is CLOSE BY to the chalet (I doubt it though). The ease, the surroundings, the atmosphere is so much better and you can build better relationships with guests and have a better time that way.

Better relationships = better tips! Kerching!

Chalet Couple x

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