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I'm Single! Help!...

Woah there ladies!

I’m quite happily engaged to a gorgeous woman with an even gorgeous-er rump behind so for now, I’m not single.

But I’m talking about YOU! You who has fluttered from relationship to relationship floating on a cloud of eternal rejection attempting to keep your chin up and ego in tact.

Okay, maybe I’m being harsh but, if you’re single and you’re reading this, then you probably want a job as a chalet couple; it’s kind of the name of the site, if you weren’t aware.

Being a singleton, that job role probably seems about as far out of reach as obese man touching their toes. BUT ALAS MY FRIENDS! It is not!

Whilst the term ‘couple’ may spring vivid images of man and woman (or same sex couple, I am quite hip y’no – I used to live in Brighton after all!) holding hands whilst skipping in the luminescent glow of a cornfield in the low sunlight spring. Gazing into each other’s eyes. Full of love. And hope.

Well, it actually only means by definition:

Well shit. That almost puts paid to what I was going to say.

However, that first definition could mean anything that comes as a two. A Voila (see, this French is coming along) you can apply with your friend, best friend, cousin, brother/sister (bit weird; you’ll be sharing a bed) or anyone you have a remotely thin link with that you can put up with being in close contact with for 6 months and has totally awesome ideas for the mountains like wanting to land the perfect backflip in their first week of skiing…no actually, don’t pick that person. It’ll end your season too!

But you don’t need a boyfriend/ girlfriend/better half/fiancé(e)/wife/husband to apply for the role, which is perfect! Imagine all the shenanigans you could get up to with your best mate on a season! That great little studio/apartment/double room you have, that as a couple you get the privilege of not sharing with any other dirty, grotty, smelly, hung over seasonaires, can finally be your own little shag pad! Not that that’s what seasonaires do to keep warm in the winter…

Of course, you could just apply as a single Chalet Host. But that’s not what this site is about. And it’s quite frightening not having your partner-in-crime by your side on the flight over (or if you’re really unlucky, the 24 hour coach journey from the darkest depths of Satan’s basement).

And you could be placed with an absolute arsehole. At least this way, you can as a minimum choose your arsehole or watch your best friend grow into an arsehole. And if they can cook better than you, what a bloody bonus!

Either way, don’t pussy out, choose Chalet Couple because it’s quite clearly the best and most coveted role of them all *cough* (find out why we think this, here). Well, it is a barrel of fuck ups and laughter so its close enough and that’s what memories are made of!

Chalet Couple x

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