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Attempting the local lingo

So, we have a year before we actually depart on our journey so I thought to myself, should I continue in my way of being a lazy typical Brit who learns none of the local language and gets by with lots of pointing and grunting, or should I make the effort to at least speak some basic level French in restaurants and patisseries (look, that’s French already!)?

Well, I’m taking the plunge. I just know that the ‘C’ I achieved all those years ago in GCSE French will come back to me instantly – despite my teacher holding a whiteboard up with the answers and everything to reply with during my recorded speaking examination! She didn’t have much faith even back then…

I’ve downloaded some apps – I think ‘Duolingo’ is the best one so far, been to the library for some books and CD’s and have even just bought a GCSE French revision and workbook from eBay... If you’re of a young enough age to remember it’s one of those CGP revision books that have some funny quips throughout to help you remember stuff…bring it on!

I will say, my girlfriend isn’t too keen to learn it herself so it will just be me. I think she quite likes the idea of me persisting with my poor broken French, despite being replied to in perfect eloquent English by ‘Marcel’ in the supermarket.

Whilst I do genuinely have loads of enthusiasm to do this and become quite good, I’m a little sceptical that I am going to be self-teaching with no real interaction or speaking to anybody in French...until we are there!

We do ‘foster parent’ a little dog called Lola though and she might appreciate me chewing her ear off with all the new language I am going to learn though, after all…she is a French bulldog! ;)

Lola the french bulldog!

Bonsoit! …shit, I mean Au revoir!

Chalet Couple x

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