Chalet Couple | The Application

Decision made. You want to do a ski season. Maybe even make it regular or turn it into a career, perfect! Just one snag; no one is going to give you your first job for free! Whilst getting that first job can open doors to further work or continual season employment from the same company, getting it in the first place can be a real ball ache. Like all ski season employers, they know you’re there to pick up that free season long lift pass and ski hire and hit the slopes all day. The only snatch is that you Can’t really just say that in your job application and expect a positive response though, so get ready to unleash your inner A* BS.

And the first port of call for that new found BS, the job application.

Apply direct

Fortunately, with a bit of forward planning we knew we weren’t after a current ski season chalet couple role so we applied a whole year early – and all directly to the companies recruitment email. No faffing about, we simply found their recruitment email online and gave a very brief outline of ourselves. Who we were, our age, what we did professionally and how long we had been together and lived together for. I expected 0 replies due to not wanting a job for the upcoming season but guess what?


Some asked for a CV (easy peasey) and a photo (smile!), some requested more information, others said we needed to wait another year (presumably because some companies only lease their chalets and so don’t know how many couples for the following year they would need – if they don’t go bust!) and the others…offered us a job interview! No CV, no covering letter, no photo…straight in.

Applying direct (and early; April-June) shows initiative and forward planning – both traits needed to succeed as a chalet couple. From experience too, it’s easier with no awkward questions on the application form and no long covering letters – ultimately less BS than the other methods. This isn’t to say companies won’t request these things specifically or guide you to their application portal online, but not all companies need this. And remember, most jobs are on a first come first serve basis, so the sooner you get that interview and at least show them the minimum standards, the sooner you pip the others to that job, as ski companies have spaces to fill, and fast!

In applying direct, don’t be too formal either. Be friendly and approachable, just as you’d need to be in the chalets. Don’t sign off with yours sincerely, just a thanks would do. And don’t be afraid to promote your relationship. They need relationships with a strong bond. If you lived together for a few years, tell them. If you’ve worked together, tell them! Be proud!