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Chalet Couple | Starting from the bottom...

Hello all!

This is our Journey. An established couple looking to spend a winter season in the Alps scrubbing toilets, preparing canapés and servicing the hot, why!?

To spend 5/6 months of our lives in the most beautiful corner of the world, skiing (nearly) every day and to get away from the rat race that is the UK! Everyone is so busy buying houses, getting married, having children, flashing the money, chasing their career! And we were/are too, but wouldn't it be great to slow down, take stock and live a more simple life (at least temporarily) in the mountains of the Alps, meeting new people every week, gaining friends for life and having the equivalent skiing that some people only manage in their whole lifetime!?

For us, its a dream worth taking a career break for! We have 35/40 more years of working to worry about that!

We believe the chalet couple role offers the best flexibility and greatest experience and we explain why, here. We will be sharing our journey with you to help guide and ease your concerns if you are embarking on the same journey. We will explain how we applied, what the interview entailed and finally the job role itself, all whilst blogging about our adventures!

We will also scour the world wide web for the best advice and guidance on various aspects (along with our experiences!) of the process to the mountains and bring it all together to offer real useful tips to secure your chalet couple role!

We have also done the hard work to find detailed information on a shed load of the available ski tour companies that offer chalet couple roles, including the locations of ALL of their chalets here.

The aim is as the site grows, we will be able to offer job vacancies directly on our site and a forum with which everyone can discuss just about anything they want really (hopefully ski season orientated, but we don't judge!). But for now, we'll stick to the blogging.

We really hope you enjoy navigating our site, and please don't be shy to send us an email, details on the contact page.

And if you have experience with any of the ski companies we list, please do leave a review of your experience in the review comments under each company review, or let us know directly how you found it...thank you!

Here's to all the staff that make people's ski holidays excellent, we salute you!


Chalet Couple x

The Chalet Couple

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