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Why Chalet Couple? | Her Story

What am I doing with my life?!?! Her very sensible point of view. As you may have gathered chalet couple exudes a male tone behind its blogs. However, I wanted to share my own perspective and feelings about taking a new, albeit temporary, direction in my life. But why? Holding up a full-time teaching job, nice flat and all the rest of it to now living between parents out of a suitcase darting to different schools daily as a supply teacher with most days involving a toss up between whether or not the 2O mile drive is worth a paper aeroplane thrown at my head, getting lumbered with that 'super exciting' RE lesson or staying in bed daydreaming about the next best thing. Turns out that 18 mo

Why Chalet Couple? | His Story

Disclaimer: This is a tad more serious than our other blogs so take head. We take no responsibility for any impulsive life decisions made following the reading of this blog. We've already given you the reasons to become a chalet couple here, but I bet what i'm about to say resonates with many more of you. This is my story and it's not atypical... So, I’m sat here in my works London office next to the comfort of the warm radiator overlooking Victoria train station. I have colleagues all around me who I either barely know their name or have never locked eyes with. There’s no talking, just the tapping of our keyboards. As I look outside, it ain’t pretty either. Rain hammers down hard against th

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