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Chalet Couple | The Application

Decision made. You want to do a ski season. Maybe even make it regular or turn it into a career, perfect! Just one snag; no one is going to give you your first job for free! Whilst getting that first job can open doors to further work or continual season employment from the same company, getting it in the first place can be a real ball ache. Like all ski season employers, they know you’re there to pick up that free season long lift pass and ski hire and hit the slopes all day. The only snatch is that you Can’t really just say that in your job application and expect a positive response though, so get ready to unleash your inner A* BS. And the first port of call for that new found BS, the job

Chalet Couple | Starting from the bottom...

Hello all! This is our Journey. An established couple looking to spend a winter season in the Alps scrubbing toilets, preparing canapés and servicing the hot tub...eh, why!? To spend 5/6 months of our lives in the most beautiful corner of the world, skiing (nearly) every day and to get away from the rat race that is the UK! Everyone is so busy buying houses, getting married, having children, flashing the money, chasing their career! And we were/are too, but wouldn't it be great to slow down, take stock and live a more simple life (at least temporarily) in the mountains of the Alps, meeting new people every week, gaining friends for life and having the equivalent skiing that some people only

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